Hello! I’m Jake (they/them)
I'm a Frontend Developer with a passion for creating smooth user experiences and meaningful products.
I like making things that don’t make you think! Automation and reusability excite me when presented with a task as much as clean, DRY code.
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I have previously worked on headless e-commerce, in-house tools, and various sites & apps in agencies and freelancing, both in Canada, and now in Berlin. Over the course of my career, I have come to embrace and even relish ownership of a product and its underlying systems.
I am currently at a point where I would prefer to be part of a team, instead of engineering solo, as I find the work and results more fulfilling.
I'm also passionate about music and creative coding. I like to make some audio-visual clips and attend various meet-ups for the associated platforms and communities. Check out more generative things on IG!
I am currently learning to longboard on Templehofer Feld, in the summer and love to go snowboarding in winter too.

My Ideal Job description

My Tech Stack would include: React, Next JS, Three JS, A CSS Solution, such as Tailwind or Styled Components, and a content-focused DB with an abstraction layer (Sanity.io/Contentful/Prismic).
I would be working alongside engineers of various skills, in a diverse environment. My dailies would involve an opportunity to be creative and autonomous and foster a strong sense of community with my team. The hierarchical structure would primarily be horizontal.
The department I work in is regularly involved with others, with good communication levels. Flexible hours are also essential, I do not want to work in a company where I have to clock in and out at fixed times.
I would love to bring my front-end engineering skills together with content modelling and my love of 3D motion design, to create rich, immersive and meaningful experiences for the end user.
The best way to get in touch is to send me an email at contact@jakeriordan.dev